Indiana proposed gay marriage ban pushed back

Tue. February 18, 2014 8:21 AM by Carlos Santoscoy

Indianapolis, IN - The Indiana Senate on Monday approved an amended version of a proposed gay marriage ban, meaning that the question will not reach this year's ballot.

With a 32-17 vote, the Senate approved a version of House Joint Resolution 3 (HJR-3) which cleared the House late last month. House members stripped out language which also banned civil unions and other similar arrangements. Because a constitutional amendment must be approved by two consecutive, separately elected legislatures with the exact same wording before it can advance to the ballot box, HJR-3's altered language effectively pushes it to the back of the line.

The earliest the amendment can reach voters is 2016.

Democratic Senator Greg Taylor called on colleagues to reject the amendment.

"You can vote for this. You can vote for it again. But I guarantee you someday, our kids will vote to take it back out," Taylor said on the Senate floor. "Let's end this today. Let's vote HJR-3 down."

"We all have friends, coworkers and family we know are gay," he added. "Are we going to look at them and say ...I am more deserving of basic civil rights?"

Freedom Indiana, the coalition working to derail the measure, called Monday's vote a victory for delaying a public vote.

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