Worlds collide in newest Old Dogs & New Tricks' episode

Tue. April 2, 2013 11:55 PM by Press Release

Chicago, IL - Unlikely scenarios are explored in the newest episode of the web series Old Dogs & New Tricks.

Can best friends, as different as night and day, "hook up?" How does a hipster fit in with elite WeHo society? Should a middle-aged gay man ever attempt a mosh pit?

Fifty-year-old Nathan Adler (Leon Acord) and twentysomething Damian Johns (Ryland Shelton) embark on their first "grown-up date" with plans to introduce each other to their respective worlds. First up, Nathan takes Damian to his favorite French restaurant. Then, Damian introduces Nathan to Silver Lake's club scene. But first, there's the question of who's doing the driving!

Meanwhile, guppie actor Ross Stein (David Pevsner) checks into a motel for his first internet hook-up– not realizing that it's with hedonist rocker Brad King (Curt Bonnem)!

Finally, Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) worries "lesbian bed death" has already taken root in his relationship with Bobby (special guest star Thom Bierdz).

The result is an episode that balances gay raunch with a heart the size of West Hollywood—an unlikely combination that has become a trademark of Old Dogs & New Tricks in the web series' second season.

"I'm very proud of this particular episode," says series writer/creator Acord, "because I think it contains not only the most romantic scene we've ever shot, but our most outrageous moment as well."

"I put the all the goods out there," says Pevsner of the latter scene.

The series returns next Wednesday with its penultimate season-two episode "The Skinny Lady Sings."