Bush Twins' Gay Wedding

Thu. August 19, 2004 12:00 AM by 365gay.com

Washington, D.C. - In what is likely to be a major embarrassment for President Bush, his twin daughters have reportedly agreed to attend a gay wedding in nearby Laytonsville, Maryland.

The wedding is that of their beautician Erwin Gomez and his partner James Packard. Although not recognized by law, the two, who also wed in San Francisco when it was legal there, will exchange vows and rings and hold a reception for friends at their Laytonsville home.

Gomez works at the Elizabeth Arden shop in Chevy Chase.

The New York Daily News reports that Gomez gave the First Daughters invitations to next month's affair when the girls came in for their weekly eyebrow waxing and they accepted.

"I gave them the party invitation, and they said, 'That sounds great, we'd love to come - it sounds like a lot of fun,'" Gomez told the News.

"The way they reacted, they were very open-minded."

Jenna and Barbara Bush may be looking forward to the nuptials but Dad may have something to say. The President has been one of the main opponents of same-sex marriage.

Despite his admiration for the twins, Gomez has little time for the President or his views on gay marriage.

"I think it's wrong - he has no right to touch that," he told the News. "He's trying to change the freedom of America. ... History is repeating itself, just like blacks and Jews were discriminated against."

A White House spokesperson for the twins, Susan Whitson, told the paper: "At this point I cannot confirm that the twins are attending. I only comment on official campaign activities."

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