Cipel's Other 'Gay Boyfriend' Comes Out Of The Shadows

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New York City - A man claiming to have been the lover of Golan Cipel has come out of the shadows and is speaking publicly about his relationship with the Israeli identified as the person with whom New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey was having an affair.

The mystery man is Dr. David Miller of Livingston, N.J.. In interviews with both the New York Daily News and the New York Post, Miller disputes Cipel's claim that he is not gay and was the victim of sexual harassment by McGreevey.

"Golan says he's not gay? He could have fooled me,", Miller told the Daily News.

"We love each other. Is that a crime? We're lovers," said Miller, 51, an openly gay man and divorced father of two.

He also said that he was not seeing Cipel at the time the former governor's aide was allegedly involved with McGreevey.

"I was with Golan when he wasn't with Jim," Miller told the Post.

"I was never with him when he was with Jim. I'm monogamous."

Miller also said that he believes Cipel "still carries a torch for McGreevey."

"Cipel never complained about the governor," He told the News. "They were in love."

But he said that Cipel seemed fixated on money.

"His interest in monetary affairs was strange," Miller told the Post.

"Out on a date, he would ask me how much money I have, how many properties I own. We were out for a pleasant evening and to have sex. It took away from the moment.

"Don't you think it's a weird question to ask?"

He added, "Conversations with him always ended up with money."

Miller said he thought Cipel was threatening to sue McGreevey because the governor had jilted him.

If Miller's allegations prove true they would severely discredit Cipel in his sexual harassment suit. From Israel, Cipel denied having a relationship with Miller and accused McGreevey supporters of a smear campaign.

And, Miller's own credibility is under scrutiny. "He's a little scattered," a relative member told the Post.

Last week the governor came out publicly and announced "I am a gay American" saying he had had "a consensual" relationship with another man.

The Associated Press quoting unnamed sources reported that Cipel originally wanted a $50 million payment to avoid the sexual harassment lawsuit, then asked for the governor's help in developing a private medical college.

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