Netbility Announces Web Browsers

Mon. July 24, 2000 12:00 AM by Internet Wire

Browsers to Compete With Microsoft And Netscape

Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Netbility Corporation today announced the launch of its new product line of programmable browsers designed to compete directly with offerings from Microsoft (NASD: MSFT), and Netscape Communications, (a subsidiary of America Online Inc.) (NYSE: AOL).

Netbility CEO Brian McTeigue explained the product launch by saying, “For years, Microsoft and Netscape have offered identical browser products to consumers and corporate customers. In reality, however, the needs of the corporate marketplace are completely different from those of the consumer world.”

Stated Dennis Periard, Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Netbility, “The business world needs secure encrypted programmability to be built right inside of the browser. And, it needs to be offered at both the server side and the client side. With our new offerings, we have now set the benchmark for e-commerce with browser products. With these products we can remotely control the client experience from the server. These are features that are critical for Electronic Trading applications, Internet Service Providers, Corporate Desktops and Application Service Providers.”

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