Daniel Radcliffe: 'Chasing girls,' very supportive of LGBT community

Thu. August 12, 2010 8:10 PM by GoPride.com News Staff

New York City - In a new interview with his transsexual friend Our Lady J, actor Daniel Radcliffe talks about the end of the Harry Potter franchise and his support of the gay community.

Last year, some tabloids questioned whether Our Lady J and Radcliffe were just friends, or something more. (Radcliffe says in this interview that none of his real friends "gave a piss" about the gossip.)

Recently, Radcliffe recorded a public service announcement for a LGBT youth group.

In the interview for Out.com, Radcliffe talks about being a reasonable straight guy to whom homophobia just doesn't make sense.

"I think that with every generation, people become more open to those ideas and more aware and more educated," he said. "But it's a really, really slow process. If you take any family with parents who are bringing their kids up in a narrow-minded way that includes homophobia, it will take a very profound moment of realization to change those deep-seated views."

Radcliffe said he just broke up with someone after a three-year relationship.

"At the moment, I'm just being single and running around chasing girls," he said. "I'm not getting too many responses, but, yes, I'm having a go. I'm also starting to go on dates for the first time. I've never really done it because all my girlfriends that I've ever met, I've met through work."