LGBTQ history exhibit removed from Missouri Capitol; governor says it didn't follow rules

Wed. September 8, 2021 7:22 PM by Gerald Farinas

kansas city lgbtq history exhibit

photo credit // ktvi-tv screenshot

Gay senator says it's like shoving it into a closet

An exhibit documenting LGBTQ history in Kansas City was removed from the Missouri Capitol, according to KTVI-TV. It was recently placed back on display but in a different building next to the Capitol.

The office of Gov. Mike Parson (R-Mo.) said that the display did not follow statutes set for such exhibits in the statehouse, and therefore had to be removed.

This explanation was given after Rep. Mitch Boggs (R-La Russell) expressed the exhibit was offensive on social media.

Sen. Greg Razer (D-Kansas City), the only openly gay member of the state senate, said the move is like shoving it back into a closet. He also noted that the Administration's excuse seems discriminatory when those same rules haven't been applied to other displays.

"The interpretation of this statute is ludicrous," Razer told KTVI.

The exhibit was created by University of Missouri Kansas City students, covering what was called the "gay rights movement" in the 1950s to the LGBTQ movement of today. It will be displayed until December 26.

Razer says he wants it back in the statehouse "where it belongs."