I'm going to Loyola University at Chicago!!!OMG, i don't know were to start off. ok here i go. The thing most people like about me is that i am a very funny and awesome person once you get to know me. People say i'm romantic, sweet, nice, wacky, popular, smart, crazy, goal oriented, special, hypnotic, spontaneous.... i love to go out dancing yeah!!!!I like to laugh, party, chill, talking... People like to dance with me cause i know how and love to have fun!! hehe. Well i love traveling, i've stayed in Northern Michigan for a while and it was so beautiful i went hikiing, white-water rafting, canoeing, during hiking( one time we got lost with friends in the forest hehe), and camping...i've been to Wisconsin too, and California mostly L.A., Santa Monica, and Hollywood it was amazing especially in the night time, it was so kool!!, that's where i went to the beach, big shopping malls, Universal studios, Six Flags, it was awesome cause we stayed at the Hilton Universal Hotel it was so nice i remember i went to the swimming pool and the hot jacuzzi ahh lol. I just love life because you only live once so you have to be happy and look at life as a good experience and you will find the meaning of life and existence... I still have so many fun things ahead in life... if you want to get to know me more just e-mail any questions!!

Likes: holding hands, cuddling

Turn-offs: rudeness, femme annoyeux, one nighters, bad kissers

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