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Looking for other down to earth party people to hang out with. I work downtown and live in Lakeview. Anything else youd like to know just ask!

Anyone go to LVAC?

32 New to Lakeview. Looking for more of a circle of friends. I like music, movies, computers, working out, hanging out, dining out, meeting new people, travel, eating out, wine tasting, cultural, zoos, animals, museums, downtown, bars, clubs,

Likes: Someone who takes care of themselves menially and physically Nice Pecs, Ass, Arms. Someone who likes to do a variety of things and can make me laugh. Secure financially and most important mentally :) When I say financially secure I mean have a job and not rely on me for money ha. Cultural Smart: Street smart is more important to me than book smart. Both are nice though :)

Turn-offs: Bad Breath Femininity Cheap Boring Skin Tight Cloths Drugs Bare Backing Cusses alot uneducated Immature introverted Judgement Drama Queen Messy unorganized

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