I'm a Bisexual Female That's about 5"9, 140 or so lbs. I love to be with my familia & being outside (If it's not hotter than hell)
I mostly chill at home, go to the movie's, take walks on nice days & night's. I have long black hair with hot pink highlight's. Now that could change at ANY time. I LOVE to be different in how I look. I don't want to have or look like someone else. I speak my mind but, I am not going to be outwardly rude to anyone. You ask my opinion & I will give it whether it's about me or the way your hair looks. I have a son that's 3 yrs old. I have my own thing's. Home, Vehicle & such. If there's anything else you wanna know just ask!

Tasha Sookielvr Vandewarker

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I'm 5"9, about 140lbs. I have long black hair with Hot Pink streaks in it. Now that can change at any time!!:P I am very neat & clean. Compassionate, kind, caring & affectionate. I always try to help those who need it if possible. I'm easy going but not a pushover.

Likes: Being able to take care of yourself, a good smelling, clean girl that cares about her appearance. sweet, friendly, caring & compassionate.

Turn-offs: Someone who smells, drinking to get drunk & being totally mean, selfishness, someone who is just depressed about life & never see's the good side of anything.



Bead/Jewelery work, Tattoo's, Walking, Artwork, Paintings, Writing, Poetry, Reading, Paranormal, Home Design/Decorating, Internet Surfing, Computers.

Favorite movies

Nightmare on Elm, Alice in Wonderland, American Gangster (Love the Gangsta flicks), Avatar (Also, a Lover of the SciFi movie's) The 4th Kind, Bee Movie, Beowulf, Blade, Donnie Darko & S.Darko, Queen of the Damned (Ok, I may have spelled that wrong) Cadillac Records (Blues fan as well), The Craft, Van Helsing, Vampire Assistant, Underworld. Just to name a few. I am also a FULL FLEDGED FANGBANGER (as they call them) I LOVE the HBO series TRUE BLOOD.(They created True Blood from the Sookie Stackhouse book's) I never, ever miss a Sunday. Season 3 just started so that's where I'm at. :P

Favorite music

Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Little James, Etta James, Mary J, TuPac, Temptations, Diana Ross, Leonard Skynard, Hendrix, Aerosmith. Three 6 Mafia, SPM, Frost, House/Club music, Gangsta Rap... So on & so forth

Favorite food

All time favorite: Alfredo noodles with Chicken & Broccoli. I am a very good cook & can cook almost anything. I love cooking Mexican dishes, My specialty is Fried Pork Chop's w/Mushroom gravy simmered over the top of them w/cut onions & peppers.
My favorite things to eat: Creamy Shells n Cheese, Banana Moon Pies, Cheesecake, Spaghetti, Ice cream-gotta be Orange Sherbet swirl w/Vanilla, Caramel Frappes w/xtra Caramel. Just to list a few.

Favorite TV shows

My number one all time favorite: TRUE BLOOD, Then there's Family Guy, American Dad, Neighbors from Hell, Adult Swim, The Closer, Supernatural, Charmed, Hawthorne, CSI, Medium, Anything on SciFi channel or TNT.
Moonlight, Futurama, Eureka, Six feet Under.




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