my name is Khaki.......

I'm 5'7 142 lbs, toned and fit... I enjoy partying and meeting new blokes.. chit chat with me

I'm open to all my friends, I spend time working out with my P90X vidz, would go play badminton on a weekend or do a mile jog. I enjoy meeting new people of different nationalities and personalities... I read adventure/sci fi and success books.. I enjoy watching anime, romantic comedy, action flicks and drama

Likes: curly hair, blue eyes, atheltic/lean built.. a foreign accent is a definite turn on

Turn-offs: bad teeth/breath, dirty nails and foul language



i watch a lot of tennis matches online/tv.. fave player is Novak Djokovic. I don't play tennis though but i'd love to learn.... I play badminton in Aurora/elkgrove... P90X is my key to over all fitness and I jog/bike at times. Currently reading HP bk 7 and Eclipse (must finish before june 30)... I'm currently finishing the 3rd set of Avatar: The last airbender and a couple of reruns of prison break... Current tv ep I follow is How I met your mother.. Barney is just LEGENDARY!!!...

Favorite movies

as good as it gets, star wars, matrix series,

Favorite music

imogen heap.. just watched her concert in chicago 05/23/10

Favorite food

chinese, mediterranean

Favorite TV shows

how i met your mother, prison break, friends, satc

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