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Hello i am 31 years old and i live in boystown. I have a partner we have been married over 7 years.

I am a Music Promoter and i throw major events here in chicago, i normally have a "select" few nightclubs or venues i deal with since i know the club capacity, equiptment and other stuff needed for my events.

I own 2 music social networks that are the biggest in the midwest region. your welcome to visit them online and be sure to add me up as your friend here.

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Chicago Music Promotions

i am a music promoter and website management. I work with several media related networks and also as well a few websites that are commercial base. I have been around the Music Industry since i was 21 and around computers since i was 15.

Likes: smooth, bottom, blonde or red heads. Someone who has a brain and not some ditzy coke queen.

Turn-offs: liars, stealers, drug heads. people who are in that cliquish mentality who does not like to meet new people or possibly have any interest in people who are not a "Certain" look.

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I like a spectrum of things, mostly i am into the Indie Music Scene and Club DJ scene. I am not a club kid if you might think that however i have been known to cut up a dancefloor in my days. (makes me sound old on that one). But yeah mostly i am behind the scenes type of person now just setup events and let everyone else have a great time and i watch as they party.

You might see me filming and taking photos of my events i do conduct since i need to do something instead of just getting intoxicated lol..I have a internet radio station and live broadcasting channel below feel free to add it up to your bookmarks as well.

CMP Internet Radio

Favorite music

Music from my DJs and Talent from my music sites. I am more a Club, House, Hi-Energy Dance Person.

Favorite food

Mexican, Chinese, Sushi.


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