Lonely Bottom

My Story is a lot like other's, I have been through the whole denial thing, been married twice and have 5 kids I love them all but the fact remains I LOVE MEN, no matter what I try I awlays wind up in a mans bed, and loving every second of it, sex with a woman is ok I guess, but OMG the orgasms I have when a man is in me is just mind blowing to me, and then falling asleep in his arms is just heavenly.
I drive a truck for a living and I really dont fool around on the road, unless I get to know you first.
I am about 6 feet tall 160lbs and fairly good looking. get to know me and I will give you my cell number

I live in small town USA and yes i like it there and no not many people know I', gay...yet but I'm done hidding in shadows about it, I have no plans to broadcast it to the world but I will not hide anymore

Likes: good hygiene and polite manners really turn me on and of course handsome doesnt hurt

Turn-offs: rude and offensive people shut me right down




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