love is love.

My name is tessa. I'm 18 years old. I am a lesbian and damn proud of it. I've only recently come out and have very few gay friends. I would love to make more! So please feel free to add me. =]

flirtatous, shy, fun to be around

Likes: witty, nice smile, fun to be around, confident

Turn-offs: overly sarcastic, never serious, can never make up their mind

Website : myspace.com/lightsxoutxliar



i love music and movies. going out with my friends. living life. i'm horrible at dancing, but still do it anyway. i write- well i used to write a lot.

Favorite movies

moulin rouge, rocky horror picture show, d.e.b.s, puccini for beginners, girl, interrupted, anything from the 80s, anything with john cusak, the broken hearts club, empire records, love, actually, closer, garden state, horror movies, transformers, etc...

Favorite music

goldfrapp, lady gaga, fall out boy, taking back sunday, all time low, dashboard confessional, hellogoodbye, the cab, danger radio, panic at the disco, etc.

Favorite food

italian, chinese, and puerto rican.

Favorite TV shows

will and grace, the l word, sienfeld, nurse jackie, dexter, true blood, grey's anatomy, kathy griffin: my life on the d-list, etc.

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