Well, I am a really great guy who enjoys having fun with friends or a mate. I'm very energetic and like to do a couple things regulary. People say that i have a lovable personality but i can be a little too nice. What can I say, Im jus a cool guy.

I am a really fun energetic guy with a lovable personality and a large number of friends. I love to have a good time and like every other human I get lonely so here I am.

Likes: Boxer Briefs, lol

Turn-offs: Idiodic people who cheat and lie without any type of excuse.( no excuse is acceptable of course.)



Reading Writing Swimming Laughing and most of all loving.

I am looking for a guy who's company I'd enjoy. Somebody who likes to laugh as much as I do and someone who can make me laugh. I don't know. I guess I just want a guy to be there for me and allow me to do the same.

Favorite movies

I love Action movies, XXX movies(lol) and drama movies. I will only watch horror movies if there not to gory and if I have someone there with me.

Favorite music

I LOVE PARAMORE!!!!! I am a huge fan. I like a little bit of metal. But a few bands I like are of course Paramore, A7X, MCR, FoB, The used, and alot of other stuff.

Favorite food

Dirty Rice is my FAVORITE FOOD

Favorite TV shows

Charmed,Desperate Housewives, Lost, Supernatural, Smallville, Brothers & Sisters, and Family guy.

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