I am a developing person, and believe strongly in bettering myself. Over the past year, I have started developing myself. I have come so far from where I once was. I don't tend to be a risk taker, but recently ended my job to pursue my own business. I generally take the road less traveled. The traffic is smoother and less aggressive. I am not looking for perfection, I am looking for a imperfections which are an addition to the man's character, not a downfall.

Likes: I could give you a short description. I have been blessed meeting MANY men whom fit the description, but there was no spark. I believe strongly in personal connections, and this is ultimately what I am looking for. A man whom seeks balance in his life, spritually, emotionally, and career wise.

Turn-offs: I DON'T date smokers. I quit smoking in 07, and consider it one of my greatest achievements. A man I am dating must be fit. Not a gym rat.

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