New in Chicago

Hey guys!
I am brand new in Chicago, having lived in London all my life so far.
Don't know many people here, so looking forward to meet up with guys and making friends.

Usually a little shy at first, but open up very soon!

Starting my residency here at one of the hospitals from next month, so making the most of my time here hanging out for the next few days.

Hey Guys! I am new to Chicago, having lived in London all my life. Don't know many people here, and wanting to make friends and get to know people.

Likes: Guys who have the courage to talk, guys who can make the first move

Turn-offs: Not many, but mouth odor certainly turns me off



Enjoy going out and love traveling. Having lived in Europe all my life, I have really enjoyed living in and visiting different parts of Europe. Haven't been out much in the United States except a few select cities for my residency interviews. Would like to explore the country more now that I live here.

My work schedule is unlikely to allow me to go out on the scene very often, but I do like going out both on and off the scene whenever time permits.

Favorite TV shows

Lost, Will & Grace, Six Feet Under, Only Fools and Horses, Little Britain