Starting a new beginning...

Hello, I define myself as an honest guy that is loyal to his guy. I like spending time with my guy,but right now I'm single. I like going dancing, sports, movies, going shopping when I can.

I'm honest and I want someone like that... I like spending time with the person that I love. I love dancing...people say that I'm a good dancer. Maybe that runs in my blood because I'm hispanic and hispanics tend to dance alot.

Likes: I like guys that are semi muscular and that have nice faces...that kills me...they have to be a little older than I.

Turn-offs: Not an honest person and someone that tries to act cool...



I'm looking for someone that is loyal and that doesn't hurt me. He needs to be loyal and down to earth. But the most important thing is that he needs to be honest with me and himself. If one of you guys have those qualities just hit me up and we can talk and let see what happens....

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