Just recently moved to Chicago and trying to find my place here... i have been looking

I love to laugh, I love to see different things, I am a junky for travel and like to go somewhere yearly. I am loving life and thinking that there is someone great people out there that I haven't met yet.

Likes: Humor - I love laughing. Romanticism - I love good surprises, spontaneity True friendship - so much can be built on that. Be honest - I can handle it

Turn-offs: hmmm hard to put into words



Watching movies
Going dancing
Playing pool
Enjoying Life

Favorite movies

Imagine me & you
PS I love you
The Brave One

Favorite music

Dave Matthews
Maroon 5
Colbie Calliet

Favorite food

Chinese, Thai, Sushi, Italian - I love good food.

Favorite TV shows

Grey's Anatomy, L-Word, Reaper, Dexter, Weeds

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