Looking for someone worth knowing more than 1 night-even just a friend

I am a bit of a sweet heart, romantic, passionate, fun, & masculine guy who enjoys just about anything at the right time. Very mature for my age with an old soul, yet I tend to be the life of the party at times. Mr. Social Chameleon in a way :)

I am a very passionate person. I love life. I am very mature for my age, or so I've been told. I enjoy most things; outdoors, SPORTS, movies, bars, home, board games, theatre, art, music (all kinds, esp. LIVE), dancing, fitness (in some form-6 days a week) and having a great time with friends. I am a pretty Masculine guy who enjoys the same company. I am attracted to a bit older MEN, but friends my age.I also happen to be the romantic type, and I am loyal and giving to a fault. I can be the life of the party or the relaxed guy at home depending on the night and the company. I like men who are passionate in and out of the bedroom. Who want to have me around, but don't NEED me to be around. Someone who I can love and care about and share with and also have a mutual respect for, and someone who can return that without some weird fear of comittment. This doesn't mean we're going to get married! ;)

Likes: A masculine guy who is confident and happy. Someone who is in pretty good shape and takes care of themselves. I like a decently muscular chest and chest hair, but that in no way is a must. I like a great smile. Someone who can watch football with me and then who enjoys a show tune or musical as well. I would like someone who is very laid back but still enjoys going out and doing things. Someone who is not jaded and doesn't live SOLELY in and for gay society...there's too much out there to be stuck in some gay box.

Turn-offs: Foul Smells, Too Raunchy too quick, Arrogance, Rudeness,



I enjoy Sports, theatre, fitness, working out, outdoor activities, games, movies, dining out, dancing, runnning,music (esp. LIVE) and just meeting new people and hanging out with friends.

Favorite movies

Oh man... lots. I can do them all, classic black and white dramas to the latest gory action flick. I love documentaries, chick flicks, action movies and even sad movies (they often are the most profound)

Favorite music

All... minus hard core RAP (Sorry). I enjoy Yo-Yo Ma, Blue grass, Folk, country, R&B, JAZZ, Pop, Rock, and Showtunes To name a select few that come to mind :) What is typically on my iPod...All of that... but I enjoy happy energetic Rock/Pop-Rock when I need a boost of adrenaline at the gym or after a rough day. It always puts me in a good mood :)

Favorite food

pizza/ any kind of pasta. I also love a hamburger... you can't go wrong with a hamburger :) Mmmmm

Favorite TV shows

Grey's Anatomy, The Office, & LOST

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