One good man deserves another

I am a dancer who is loving, playful, deep, smart, naive, healthy, true, earnest, hopeful, compassionate, mindful, restless, proud, tender, courageous, dissatisfied, creative, patient, spiritual, forceful, graceful, and above all else, permeable. I'm a man who knows how to use power tools, isn't afraid of wildness, loves his inner child, and is ready for the next relationship adventure. I've been partnered twice before (once for ten years and another time for five) so I know what it takes to make a relationship work and what can cause one to disintegrate. I've made my share of mistakes. But it's how we face our mistakes in a relationship that stretches us. I'm ready to jump back in because I recognize that, while living single is far safer emotionally, I'm tired of playing it safe and know that I need the intimacy of a committed relationship again to spread my wings. So if everything I've written here makes you smile then please, drop me a message and say hi.



My favorite things include art, dance, design, fitness, education, social justice, Chicago, hiking, backpacking, wilderness, travel, politics. Recent favorite books - Servants of the Map, The Air we Breathe, The Book of Salt, In Pursuit of Beauty...

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