Glimmer of Hope

Wed. September 15, 2004 12:00 AM
by Belia Rodriguez

We have all been through great relationships that we thought were Perfect and then realized they weren’t. Or maybe somebody else realized they weren’t and then by default we were forced to see it their way—it’s neither here nor there, is it? Nevertheless, through changed eyes we grow to see the world differently and become, well…shall we say, bitter and dark about love and such acrid things. You know what I mean?

Sometimes with one hello, it all changes. As happened to me:

Market Days, it’s like Christmas in Summer. The energy was great. Boystown was electrified. Chicago truly celebrates its gayness with such fervor.

So Saturday night I found myself sitting in my window overlooking Halsted. I was people watching and enjoying my guests, yet wistfully wondering about what a friend had said, “you’re gonna meet your soulmate sitting here, I can feel it.” She’s idealistic, “soulmate” = “girlfriend” to cynics like me.

Now, I’m in my early thirties and (strange as is it) happy to be Single in the City. I’m usually not much concerned with finding a relationship, or maybe more disillusioned by the last one and certainly not eager to enter into another (po-tay-to, po-ta-to). I laughed when my friend said it because I thought, “What? Are you crazy?!” What are the chances of that?

But there I was, sitting in my window, when a young girl and her friend passed by. The beautiful woman caught my eye instantly. It was just like that scene in “Wayne’s World” with “Dream Weaver” playing in the background.

They seemed harmless and…heck, you just never know! Clearly, I’m too friendly and rash at times because I quickly invited them in. Some can call it foolish but I prefer adventurous.

I ended up spending a great time with her on my rooftop, watching people go by on the street below. Our talk was brief. I don’t even know what we talked about because her voice was like angel singing and I was plainly delirious. It was like being at a Jessica Simpson concert for an audience of just me! (So Jessica isn’t the best example, but she does have a great voice and is Hot!)

Her friend motioned that it was time to go and she soon bid adieu with a long and passionate kiss. I gave her my number knowing straight girls don’t call, and not once thinking to ask for hers. I mean, why bother? What would I do with it? Actually call! Take a chance on destroying my marvelous singlehood!?

I barely remember her name. “Sarah”. Isn’t that always the way, a fleeting moment and the next day it’s just one surreal and wonderful memory.

For days after, I thought of her not surprised that she never called. Rather, ironically disappointed.

We’ve all had break-ups that leave us sour about relationships. They leave us thinking that single life is best and less complicated. They even make us decide that love is tragic and unnecessary. “What’s the point”, we say. And resign ourselves to never do it again.

Then a woman named “Sarah” comes along and changes our whole outlook. Amazing! How women have that effect on a soul, just the simplest words uttered, the slightest touch and suddenly, women are wonderful again. She sparks the embers that burn within and warm us, that give us hope and make us feel alive and real again. It’s like a rebirth. The sun is bright. The moon is new. The world is full of endless possibilities.

Thank God for women. I am alive.

In celebration, I’m off to Sydney. See you Down Under!