WNDR Museum Chicago infatuates with Dots Obsession

Sat. May 13, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Watch out world WNDR Museum has a new Dots Obsession and the Windy City is lining up to see it. 

Located at 1130 West Monroe Street, WNDR Museum is an interactive art installation in the West Loop. The venue has been a big hit for the Chicago area with successful runs in Boston, Seattle and San Diego as well. Founder Brad Keywell has brought together a collective of artists with good timing in an age where people are looking to physically explore and photograph their experiences. 

For years patrons of WNDR have enjoyed a revolving group of displays and art housed within the venue on Monroe Street. Striking visuals and multi-sensory installations run throughout the building to take ticket holders on an optical journey. WNDR Museum was voted one of the top five immersive art experiences in the country by USA Today's Reader Poll. 

Many of the curations center around holidays such as Halloween and Juneteenth to spotlight artists' work from various communities. Art made from denim by a Chicago artist and Little Village exhibit is just a few of the local features curated along the path inside.

Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama is known for her extensive use of polka dots and is highlighted in an infinity room contained in a large yellow ball near the gift shop of WNDR. Dots Obsession is timed so register there first with an attendant and expect a reminder text while waiting elsewhere. After slipping on shoe booties guests have one minute to take all the pictures they want inside. Get creative and prepare for some eye-popping dots before you exit the museum! 

Stay tuned to for ticket information and unique programming throughout the year. 

WNDR turns five this September so stay tuned for a celebration surrounding its birthday in 2023.