Sofwave saves the day at Erickson Cosmetic Dermatology

Sun. November 6, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Erickson Cosmetic Dermatology, 737 North Michigan Avenue, hosted a recent event to spotlight some of the services offered at their location. Doctor Quenby Erickson trained in Texas and earned a master's degree in Chemistry before opening her business on the Magnificent Mile.

Erickson brings that background to the table in a clean and safe environment with this medical spa.

Sofwave Medical LTD. is based in Israel and was founded in 2015. The procedure is non-invasive and FDA-cleared. It uses an ultrasound delivery that stimulates collagen and elastin through SUPERB Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology. This leads the patient to experience a reduction in wrinkles and laugh lines on the face. Treatment takes around 30 minutes and requires yearly maintenance to upkeep the procedure as the results are not permanent. Collagen regeneration can take up to 12 weeks with a noticeable visual difference arriving about three weeks after the treatment.

While Sofwave doesn't offer the same level of change that invasive procedures do, the side effects are less including recovery time, overall pain and visible wounds on the face. It targets the mid-dermis instead of going deeper and makes for a smoother experience.

Erickson sent home a few products to try for attendees of the press event and they proved very beneficial. Innersense Organic Beauty not only supplies revitalizing shampoo and conditioner but the detox hair mask will remove any past buildup trapped in someone's lovely locks.

Just apply the dark treatment to wet hair and leave it on for three to five minutes before rinsing out. What a brilliant idea that was new to this Nunn! Pampering and improving ourselves at the same time is what this philosophy is all about at Erickson's Cosmetic Dermatology and Lifestyle Medicine.

Surf over to to schedule an appointment and ride the Sofwave today!