Sat. November 6, 2004 12:00 AM
by Gary Trick

The ancient Greeks actually had Gay Gods! The “Homerotic Trinity”, Eros, Hermes and Heracles made up the homoerotic trinity presiding over homosexual relations. It was common in ancient Greece for married men to have a young man as a lover, even having his protégé live in the same house with his family.

When visiting Greece, Athens, also known as Athina, is the main port of entry and there is an active gay life there combined with history and romance. Make time for as much history as you can, if your time is limited make sure that you visit the Parthenon! After a day of sight-seeing make sure you visit “Aleko’s Island” the oldest gay bar in Athens catering to all but specializing in the bear community. If you’re ready to go out after 1am, try Lamda and its late-night fun! On the way home from the gay night life in Athens, stop for a “tost”, not a typical grilled cheese, but a roll stuffed with meats, cheeses, vegetable and then its toasted!

When thinking about Gay Greece, most of the time, only the island of Mykonos comes to mind. While Mykonos is known as a hedonist’s paradise, Santorini is catching up fast. The Greek Islands are a total experience in themselves.

Take a ferry or a small plane from Athens to Islands. A ferry, in season, is the best way – the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, begins your island experience!

In Mykonos, spend the day exploring the island, visiting the beaches and having a coffee overlooking the sea. Almost every restaurant or bar on Mykonos is gay friendly. Make sure you visit Super Paradise Beach!

Then off to explore Santorini! Like Mykonos most of the good restaurants and bars are gay friendly. Make time to visit Akrotiri, one of the most important archaeological finds in recent history. During the day relax on the beach at Vlihada Bay.

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