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3246 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 929-6080

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This was my first time there and I think I’m addicted. It was really clean! - DaugDawg

Let's face it; it's clean, secure, and friendly. If a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do; this is the place! - ToBeOrNotToBe

Let's face it; it's clean, secure, and friendly. If a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do; this is the place! - ToBeOrNotToBe

Great place to hang out with other men. - kelbo

Being a steady steamwork's patron for years I have to agree with some of you guys and disagree with others. The place is immaculate! The best bathhouse I've ever experienced, in the states and even in other countries. This is pretty much the consensus from the guys I've met there also. We are blessed with such an awesome place. I have to agree with the guys who have said that not everyone there is to have sex. After all, it is a "fitness" gym. HAHA. But really...With the veritable buffet of men walking around in towels, people have the right to have discriminating tastes. I know I am particular and I've often found myself being one of the "models" on the wall--be the pursuer while being the pursuee. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. If there is no one there for me, I'll either watch the awesome porn playing, listen to the music, or else hang out at the showers/tub. Steamworks absolutely WORKS for me. We are blessed that a place like this exists because, quite frankly, do you think this would work in the hetero world? - bulldogger

ok,now the gloves are coming off,first of all I went to steamworks for the first time back in dec. 2002 at the urging of soem yng overweight guy online who told me that if u cannot get laid with the guys u want from online then go to steamworks and u will definately get laid,he said he went there from time to time when he got so lonely and depressed,well I went that first time and for most of the 6 hrs all I encountered was stuckup guys,with about 30 min left before i had to leave in one of the video rooms there was this twinky looking guy that was eying me and came over and started feeling me thru my towel,well we went to his room and he blew me and made me come in his mouth then he spat it in the trash can,we chatted briefly,I thought he was 18,19 maybe but turns out he was 28,but he was high on something i could tell then he pushes me out of his room,now i must say i am a 28yo guy,overweight,but lost alot of weight and still losing it,with premature gray hair,so in person I am told that i look older by a few years like 33,34 maybe,well i only go for guys 18-24,and I have found it impossible using persoanls to find a relationship with a guy that age or even a hookup or even a platonic friend and mostly i go for guys that seem to have some interest in what i do,but to no avail,so I thought well at steamworks i can at least get the sex stuff taken care of,well I have been there since that first time,maybe 40 times,msot recently in nov 2004,and have gone at diff times from late night fri and sat into the next morings and every single time I have been pushed away and treated like shit by the ynger guys,didn't matter that they weer asians or latinos,the only ones that weere nice to me were the ynger black guys,but the guys that seem to always go for me are the white males over 55 and over 60,and to be honest while on one hand i am flattered i guess that they think me cute,I am also depressed because the guys I want are not into me at all,and i know that not everyone is everyone's tastes i get that,the only guys that i did anythin with there after that first time were all over 50 and over 60,i just settled,I tried mans country but too dirty and too many hustlers and black guys,steamworks is clean place,I like their big whirlpool,I just wish i could get lucky once with one of the ynger guys,I feel like I am wasting my money each time then I go home depressed,that's my review,wish I could say that I had great times - laidbackguy

I've been going to Steamworks for some time and have always been very happy with the facility. My biggest problem is that the humidity changes in the various parts of the building gives me huge hassles with my contacts. I can't say that I have found anyone very rude, but then I try not to force myself on anyone who isn't interested. I have however found myself having to be rude to men who seem to be able to take no for an answer, especially those who seem to feel that my interaction with someone else gives them free reign to molest either or both of us. - brunosboy

When I walk into Steamworks, I don't seem to have any problem with meeting someone. For some of us "stuck ups" we are usually only there for certain things. Remember, not everyone is is someones type. If we don't notice you, it's only because we are looking for something specific. Also remember one other thing guys, we are there to do.....well you know, please don't try to start a conversation with us about your family or anything. I have been to several major cities and visited their "houses" and I do have one thing to say, Steamworks is the best. Everyone will find something or someone to do. TR - dancinboi69

Hey guys, give us "models" a break... STEAMWORKS rocks. For all of those that said we are stuck on ourselves, I would have to say "please play in YOUR sandbox" and remember not everyone is everyone else's type. If you want to have some great experience's, then check it out. I have NEVER left unhappy. C.B. - Caliboi

All right, all right, I read through the other reviews and these guys just don't get it. Some guys are not there to hook up (mostly the pretty ones) They come there after the bars because they are wide awake and have nothing better to do, so they come to Steamworks in gaggles of 10 and hang out... It may look like they are "modeling" but they are probably just waiting for their friends to finish their busy... Give the pretty boys some slack!! We're not all b*tches!! - ConvertibleGuy

Hey it is very clean and smells like a swimming pool. I think that most guys are rude because they are picky and very hot.. So am I and I ex-modeled. So you gotta check it out once you have tried it theres no other place then Steamworks - heart922