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Roscoe's Tavern

3356 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 281-3355

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Editor's Review   When giving your straight girlfriends lessons on gay bars, Roscoe's Tavern is where you take them for Introduction to Boystown 101. The crowd is a mix of cute, guppy, fresh-out-of-college gay men (and their straight friends) drinking in a fraternity-meets-disco type atmosphere. The average age ranges from twenty-one-year-olds on up to men in their thirties, but most are in the younger category.

It's a bar where you can relax, have a beer, shoot pool, and show your straight friends a good time without showing them the Advanced Gay Man 202 side of Boystown--strippers, go-go boys, and leather daddies (read as straight men are only slightly uncomfortable here). It feels a little more collegiate than anything else at the corner of Roscoe and Halsted, making it a good starter bar for those boys just coming out of the closet or those looking for a more Abercrombie existence.

The actual bar is split into various sections, some with pool tables, a main bar, a fireside chat room, a terrace, and a high-energy, poppy dance floor. The décor is almost gay Irish pub-ish, if there is such a thing. Video screens alternate between modern dance and '80s pop, the dance floor is usually a mix of shortened dance anthems and re-mixed top 40. Almost every night is a theme night, but most popular nights are the weekends and Sunday Tea, not a Tea dance, but specials on pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea. A particularly hot time to visit includes summertime softball Sundays when the Chicago gay sports leagues quench their thirsts after nine innings of play.

At the end of the night, once your straight girlfriends are ready to graduate, they'll have made all the usual remarks, "Oh my God, why can't straight guys dance like that?" and "Why are all gay men so cute?" Hand them their degrees and send them back to Lincoln Park.

LOVE Roscoes! There pretty much every wednesday and I love the Karaoke crowd!!! - TylerMcMahon

an amazing dance floor and very good music and an awesome select of hot guys - funlovinguy2009

I like Roscoe's: the most attractive bar space on the strip. DJ is always nice for requests, although the music videos are the standard. Dancefloor is cool. Crowd can be a bit to-themselves, so go with a friend or group. Also, look out for the drunk straight girls, lol. - athleticmatt

A well-rounded bar/club. Does not cater to a certain crowd. - aray

This place was good but has recently started to slide. The prices were raised on the drinks yet nothing is being done to improve the bar. The tile on the floor is hideous and has probably been there from the 80s. The stupid things that measure your cocktails make the drinks taste like all juice when no one else around Roscoe's measures and charges 1.25 less. Thank god the dance floor burned forcing them to do some well needed remodeling. My friends and I used to go here. IMHO go to one of the several bars surrounding this place because they are of better value. - abetzold

From their drag shows, to Miss Foozie’s Sunday Male Call, Roscoe’s is my home-away-from- home! - DaugDawg

This was my first gay bar and will always be my favorite! Bartender Joel is reason enough to return. He is beyond beautiful! - ToBeOrNotToBe

A boystown favorite of mine! Great suds and great studs! - OldIsOkay

I was there on a Sunday night and ran into Miss Foozie. What a fun night of boy watching and beverage drinking! - Stripes

Sunday nights with Miss Foozie are the best times! Don't forget to grab a pitcher of long island on your way in! - JimmyBoi

Great Bar/club... The environmentin roscoe's is amazing very fun and exciting place. Great People too and Music!!! - jla0004

I usually visit roscoe's on sunday nite's the atmosphere is nice, the bartenders are great and the Long island flow all nite. on a Scale 1-10 they rank 10+ - Preppydon

Roscoe's is a must visit when you're in Chicago. I have not found this place to be the "college age A&F model factory" that some say it is. Instead, I find it to be some college, some middle aged guys, and lots of girls who love gay guys. Its really an interesting mix of diversity. The place is huge with a great dance floor that can get packed! When the place is busy, I'd say the hookup potential goes down to a 1. It can get too crowded to meet and talk to other people. The staff is very friendly and efficient---some of the best bartenders I've ever seen---even when its busy. Like usual in gay bars, there are the regular gay cliques of Boystown dwellers that can make a visitor feel unwelcomed. However, hang around the front bar for a few minutes and someone will likely strike up a conversation with you. Roscoe's is a definite stop on your visit to Chicago----but its not gay heaven! The bar has it's goods and it's bads. - nu_greg

I've been going to Roscoe's for 10 years now and still love it. Always a nice mix of twinks and athletic types. Attracts a younger crowd. Sundays in my opinion are the best... feel free to go there ultra-casual. - realestategreg

Great neighborhood bar on the weekdays and fun destination on the weekends. You've got to visit Roscoes at least once if you're visiting the city. - CPMatt

You gotta LOVE Roscoe's, something for everyone. Nice mixed crowd, fun dance floor, cool staff. A definite stop on the Boystown circuit. Go....have fun!!! - TimH

I think that Rosco's is one of the best bars. With the Best staff that they have including all of their bartenders. People who think that side tracks is better they are crazy...... Thanks for such a grat time... Keep the great work up guys ... Lots of love from the diva - diva26

I love the music in Roscoes on Fridays. The dance floor is nice and the crowd is cool. It's a very cruisy place so it's easy to hook up too. Guys are outgoing and friendly. You can find a lot of cute boys there - from any color and age. Have fun! - verycute1000

Roscoes is going on every Saturday.But where are all the pretty girls?The music at Roscoes is the best high energy if you really like to dance!If you haven't been there than you really must go! - LIZ96

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Not the best place to go ... look across the street at Sidetracks - Lkvwguy101