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The Civil Rights Agenda

2129 N. Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

(773) 235-8852

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The Civil Rights Agenda (TCRA) continues the fight for individual rights through coalition building and leadership, supporting communities with the necessary tools that will equip them with the resources and confidence to establish equality for all persons, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Need: In spite of the 50-year tireless effort of countless individuals working to guarantee equal rights for all Americans, we still have a system of laws that condone discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In recent years momentous strides have been lost as we have borne witness to a push back and the repeal of statutes intended to ensure equality. Unalienable rights by definition cannot be taken away, yet the United States remains a country which fails to recognize the rights of its own citizens. Movements to target differences, exploit them, and discriminate against people, whether in the office or bedroom, have increased across the nation and have been too readily accepted and warmly embraced. Neither ambivalence nor silence will remedy this. Vision: The Civil Rights Agenda honors the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill Of Rights, building upon the greatness and the successes of the suffrage, labor, women''s rights, civil rights and equal rights movements, and ensures that our country''s laws accurately reflect a nation born of political independence and societal inclusion. The Civil Rights Agenda was established to continue the fight for equal rights and guarantee equal protection and treatment for all of our country''s people, regardless of race, sex, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.TCRA has adopted the mantra of acceptance and promotes an agenda that asks all Americans to respect one another in spite of our differences. We pledge not to work in a silo and our establishment is intended to be a bridge between the LGBT community and others. TCRA is an organization that advocates equal rights for all discriminated communities.

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