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Berlin Nightclub (Closed)

This business is CLOSED.
Information is for archive purposes only.

954 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 348-4975

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Editor's Review   By far the most alternative and funky bar in Lakeview, Berlin is charged with inquisitive, pulsing energy. Attracting a full gamut of club-goers and late-night revelers, everything from bi-curious, to by-the-book gay and lesbian, to by-the-way "I'm straight", the club prizes itself on its city-wide reputation for acceptance and unity. Truly one of the best people watching spots in the neighborhood, things really start jumping around 2 AM when other bars close.

The space is divided into two halves: one a bar, one a dance floor. With its retro sixties and seventies feel, the club feels a little urban punk meets Genie and the Brady Bunch. The modern design works for the clientele, loyal customers return again and again to hear break-beats, house, dance, and disco—the format changes nightly.

Critically acclaimed as the "Best Dance Club in Chicago" from New City, Rolling Stone, & Spin Magazines. Best bets for a good night are Tuesdays when Chicago legend Ralphi Rosario takes the turn tables, and Fridays with DJ Greg Haus. Weekends find the bar turning heavily gay male after 2AM, usually filtering in from Halsted.

Fun late night hotspot on the weekends! - CPMatt

Interesting. That's my impression. They have really redone this club; it used to be a hole in the wall, now it is an eclectic place to dance, drink, meet people, and listen to great music mixes. My only complaint? the doormen were rude. - athleticmatt

LOOVE Berlin.. Great to dance in with fabulous music, great men too - Rhzoo

Great music, unlike anywhere else in the neighborhood. The bathrooms could use some work. My friends have been harassed by the "security" team for no apparent reason. They need to relax a bit. - fuf75

PROS: Music kicks ass. CONS: The doorman tried to confiscate my id until i called the cops, and the tattoo'ed dyke manager didn't help any either. I showed them multiple cards and other types of identification to no avail. Last thoughts: Great place, but CRAPPY MANAGEMENT. - FianaSidhe

I love the music, crowd, and atmosphere in Berlin. I always get so high and can't stop dancing when listening to their excellent dance music. It's also a very cruisy place so it's easy to hook up there. A place you must go. - verycute1000

Berlin is a fun place to hang out. Fridays and Saturdays are a mixed crowd with guys and girls, straight and gay just have a good time. A great place to bring your straight friends if they are not totally comfortable with a "real" gay bar. I give it 4 shots! - Couple4LotsOFun