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Hydrate Nightclub

3458 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 975-9244

vote data

I have absolutely loved hydrate since I started going to boys town in 09! The bar tenders are awesome and so is the music! Hydrate you got my vote! I will be back soon! - Monte34

my wallet got stolen - ljuan01

My friends and I recently went to Hydrate for a Valentine's Day party and had a blast! The cover was kind of expensive, but worth it since the party lasts until 5am. The new bartender Mike was super friendly and so HOTTTTTTTTTT! Staring at his rock solid six pack and body all night made us completely forget all about the vomit-smell throughout the entire club! friends and I will be back! - MarkSchinn85

Friday lube wrestling is HOT. A good place for late night (last chance) hook-ups at 4am. - JimmyBoi

I met Brent Corrigan here and he was really cute. Hydrate always seems to have a great special or show going! - DaugDawg

Who knew that they were open so late on a Tuesday! I think DJR is really cute! - OldIsOkay

They seem to always bring in the best national DJs - Stripes

the best - jdogg

The door guy Jimmy is really hot and such a nice guy - SkubeeeSnk

This place is a blast. The staff is very friendly! You can't go wrong visiting Hydrate! - JDCNKY

I miss Chris Eterno at Felt... I'm glad I found him at Hydrate on Wednesday. Hydrate has the best music and djs. Best dance club on Halsted! - JimInChicago

Hydrate is such a great bar to go to. It's fun to just hang out and talk with all the bar staff. They are very personable, and really try to go out of their way to make sure that you are having a good time. I'm glad Hydrate came onto the scene, just wish I started going there sooner! - SluggoAAFA

Hot place to go! Hot boys, hot music, and the best drinks in town - CPMatt

This is a nice change in Lakeview. The open summer windows allow for the fun to spill onto the sidewalk. Traffic can get backed up at the bar, on weekends and the dance floor is small, but they mix very good drinks and the crowd is friendly. - bdecker