Unique So Chique

Unique So Chique

4600 N Magnolia, Chicago, IL 60640

(773) 561-0324

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Located in the Uptown neighborhood, Unique So Chique is a boutique that sells an eclectic and fun mix of clothing & accessories (for men and women) as well as purses, accessories, jewelry and cosmetics. As well, the store has baby & children's gifts, candles & incense, bath & body products and cards and stationery. But that''s not all, this boutique is also a Tea & Chocolate Room with seating for 22 in the back of the store. They serve lunch and afternoon tea and sell a fabulous array of chocolate truffles.

Hours   11:30am-7:30pm tue-friday; 10am-6pm saturday; 10am-5pm sunday; closed monday

Desserts Apparel Tea Candy Gifts Cuisine Retail/Service Business
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