May 24, 2009

Get those summer feet beach ready

BY Xviara Owens ("Ask Xviara beauty advice")

Dear Xviara,

I have the worst feet and summer is on the way. I want to wear cute summer shoes and sandals, but between the callused heels and the horrible condition of my toe nails I would rather keep my Winter boots on. Pride is coming and I don't want to walk around in black socks and clunky leather sandals looking like my dad. HELP!

Twinkle Toes

Dear Twinkle Toes,

Never fear, as it is just the beginning of Spring here in Chicago and I have the best foot care regimen that is a no brainer.

Go directly to a nail spa, there is one in every neighborhood and this is the place to reveal the beautiful feet you want the world to see. Monday through Wednesday many have a wonderful mani/pedi specials. They even have a miraculous treatment gel they use that will help smooth down the rough dry skin or offer callus shaving. For you guys (and girls) with unsightly hair on your feet many can even do a quick waxing.

I think a monthly pedicure is a great maintenance program, but sometimes if your feet are a wreck, you might want to get a few bi-monthly until you are happy with their overall look and feel.

Don't feel off put by going to a nail spa, as I have seen many men with their significant others and alone come in to be pampered.

A few of my clients complain of the condition of their feet and I often suggest that they also try a Salicylic Wash or Mint Papaya Enzyme Scrub followed with AHA Body Lotion at night. You can even buy moisture retention socks to help the lotion penetrate better.

So run, don't walk to a nail spa, and you will finally have a spring in your step!

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