January 1, 2009

Most common makeup mistakes

BY Xviara Owens ("Ask Xviara beauty advice")

Dear Xviara,

When you go to a club, what's the most common makeup mistake you see? What's the correct way?

-Miss Lead

Dear Miss Lead,

Where do I begin? So many, but with the exception of one, I see the very same ones in the genetic female community.

The most prevalent in the TG community is foundation. Ladies, the number one rule is "Cover Girl does not cover boy". Using cheap or light foundation does not give the proper coverage and many times gives a greenish cast to the beard area. Remember, full coverage foundation is the best to give the illusion of flawless smooth skin. When I use to shave (we will discuss that at another time…LOL) I liked using three types of coverage when I went out; concealer (the same shade or one shade lighter than your foundation), maximum/full coverage cream or cream to powder foundation (the same shade as the neck/jaw line area) and sheer/light coverage liquid or mousse foundation (typically on the cheeks, nose, and the forehead). This trick allows light to hit the various parts of the face and your complexion can seem flawless and not that you are wearing a mask. A light dusting of loose or pressed powder in the same shade or translucent will help set your foundation and give a subtle matte appearance to the skin.

Xviara’s Recommendations:

Foundations- Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Iman, Dermablend

Professional Make Up Artists/Makeovers- Chicago (Rachel’s Wigs & Beauty Salon 773-528-6960, Robert White 312-217-5800) NW Suburbs (Transformations 847-454-0600), SW Suburbs (Pam Leapheart 773-398-3503)

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