Reeling: Lie With Me

Saturday, September 23, 2023, 7:00 PM  |  view details and directions

Reeling: Lie With Me
Echoing the emotional depth of dramas like CALL ME BY YOUR NAME and A SINGLE MAN, LIE WITH ME is a deeply moving exploration of first love and self-discovery. Successful novelist Stéphane Belcourt, returning to his hometown after decades, is confronted with the memories of his secret adolescent affair when he meets Lucas, the son of his first love. This encounter triggers a flood of vivid memories and unprocessed emotions, leading Stéphane on a journey of healing and self-reflection. As Stéphane grapples with his past, Lucas gains a deeper understanding of his father's truth. Set against the evocative backdrop of rural France, this poignant film, which premiered to critical acclaim, is a beautifully captured and superbly acted exploration of love and identity. Sponsored

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2828 N Clark, Chicago, IL