Reeling: Leilani's Fortune

Sunday, September 24, 2023, 6:00 PM  |  view details and directions

Reeling: Leilani's Fortune
This intimate journey follows Witch Prophet, a queer, immigrant Ethiopian-Eritrean musician, as she navigates newfound momentum in Canada and stands true to her unique voice while on the verge of a major international breakthrough. Ayo Leilani aka Witch Prophet is a singer, songwriter, and self-proclaimed psychic who creates from a deeply emotional and spiritual place of power. For years, she has fought an uphill battle in the Canadian music industry that tends not to champion artists creating outside the mainstream, despite their ability to garner a large community of committed fans. After a decade of working in the scene, Witch Prophet reflects on the overdue validation and support that will now help materialize the album of her prophecies. Titled The Gateway Experience, the album is an intimate story of navigating creativity, community, love, belonging, and an unshakeable calling to stand true to oneself. Featuring musical performances, videos, and a look at the creative process, LEILANIâ??S FORTUNE highlights Witch Prophetâ??s perseverance and stands as a testament to the magic created by those who courageously choose to be artists on their own terms. Sponsored

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2828 N Clark, Chicago, IL