Chicago Really Loves Drag

Saturday, June 3, 2023, 7:00 PM  |  view details and directions

Chicago Really Loves Drag

Lucy Stoole and Metro Chicago present Chicago Really Loves Drag, benefiting Chicago Therapy Collective, Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Trans Justice Funding Project and ACLU Drag Defense Fund. Tickets available online. 18+

DJ Sets by: MX Toto, Pepper Jelly, and Club Chow

Performances by: Po'Chop, Smokey Karmikael, Trashly, Kenzie Couleè, Pixel, True Romance, Khloe Daniels, Aurora Gozmic, Nena Dee Diamond, Georgia St. Pierre, Màsha Potato, Christi Da Vinci, Monica Beverly Hillz, XO Carrington, Lucky Stiff, Veronica Pop, Scylla, Lynzo The Heartthrob, Dida Ritz, Kenya J. Sanchez, Chanel Mercedes Benz, Allegra Dee, Luv Ami, Alexandria Diamond, Bambi Banks Couleè, Lady Deviant, Sigourney Beaver, Derry Queen, Rita Tarot, Chamilla Foxx, Vanda La Rose, Miss Toto, Valentine, Kara Mel Dville, Yur Unkle, and Siichele

Getting there

3730 N Clark, Chicago, IL