Sunday, September 25, 2022, 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM  |  view details and directions


After 16 years, Hong Kong-based male erotic film auteur Scud (VOYAGE, UTOPIANS, AMPHETAMINE) is retiring from filmmaking with not one but two final artistic triumphs – APOSTLES and BODYSHOP. Both make their North American Premiere at Reeling, where Scud returns after the festival’s warmly received U.S. premiere screening of 2018’s ADONIS. APOSTLES is the story of a renowned, ageless scholar who claims to have been an apostle to Socrates and Plato and finds his impending demise difficult to face. With the help of his supportive wife and ex-partner’s family, he recruits twelve gorgeous young men to become his apostles. The young men come to his secluded hilltop manor to explore the meaning of death. Philosophical discussions aside, the practice encompasses climbing the volcanic summit of Mt. Fuji, multiple sexual activities (including bondage), and even voluntary living sacrifice. Renowned for his visually stunning and sexually frank movies, APOSTLES once again finds Scud pushing the boundaries of filmmaking.

Content Warning: This film contains sexually explicit content and scenes of a violent disturbing nature.

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