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Cecilia aka “Sissy”(played by Aisha Dee) and Emma (writer and co-director Hannah Barlow), were tween-age BFFs who were never, ever going to let anything come between them. Enter Alex (Emily De Margheriti), the meanest of the mean girls who quickly smashes that dream. Twelve years later, Cecilia is a successful social media influencer and “lifestyle guru” living the dream. But then she unexpectedly runs into Emma for the first time in a decade. Impulsively, Emma invites Cecilia to her bachelorette weekend at a remote cabin in the mountains. On arrival Cecilia is confronted with the old gang: Emma’s fiancée Fran (Lucy Barrett), tag along Tracey (Yerin Ha), their gay plus one, the super snarky Jamie (Daniel Monks) – and, oh, sh*t – Alex, who’s nastier than ever. What Alex and the others haven’t counted on is that meek little Sissy’s sunny, “it’s all good” philosophy is shielding a seriously disturbed young woman who isn’t anyone’s lap dog anymore. Co-directors Barlow and Senes have wrought a darkly funny horror movie that combines CARRIE, CABIN IN THE WOODS, and Ryan Murphy’s SCREAM QUEENS.

Content Warning: This film contains scenes of violence.?

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