Saturday, September 24, 2022, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM  |  view details and directions


Director Horacio Alcala’s debut narrative feature gorgeously captures the desert landscapes of the Southern Mexico region in this contemplative, fever dream of a film about a closely-knit community of Muxes – third gender, non-binary people. Delirio, Amaranta, and Mariano fight for the recognition of their gender in their tiny community outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. Delirio is the leader who guides the Muxes to better understand themselves while dealing with their passions, traumas, and hidden feelings. Meanwhile, a cynical fashion designer in Spain sends Marta, a lowly assistant, to the community to appropriate the intricately detailed, traditional dresses the Muxes create to make a living, in-between looking after their elders. Warmly welcomed by the unsuspecting Muxes, Marta begins to question her immoral mission just as a devastating earthquake strikes the tiny community, dislodging years of buried emotions, and the need for chosen family is reinforced.

Content Warning: This film contains descriptions of sexual abuse.

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