Reeling 2021: Seeking Connection (Short Programs)

Monday, September 27, 2021, 9:15 PM  |  view details and directions

Reeling 2021: Seeking Connection (Short Programs)

Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival presents Seeking Connection (Short Programs).

Loneliness can strike in an empty apartment or a crowded club. In these shorts, characters struggle to find ways to connect with lovers, estranged family, or the so-called queer community. In NIGHTS AND DAYS IN JULY a transwoman finds herself alone in her apartment trying to connect with a lover through texts. In TAFFETA, a toxic phone sex relationship must be overcome to break a cycle of loneliness and self-destructive habits. A transmasculine drag performer finds himself isolated within a hostile drag club in BOYSUGAR. During long sleepless nights, a man reminisces about the loss of a great love in TELLING TIME. A drag queen who’s hidden their life from their family tries to connect when their father comes to visit in WINTER. In FARAWAY a young gay Arab man is observed over four seasons, all while navigating his estrangement from his mother.

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