2nd Annual Transfluential Film Festival

Thursday, November 17, 2016, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM  |  view details and directions

2nd Annual Transfluential Film Festival
The 2nd Annual Transfluential Film Festival places the journeys and stories of trans communities into the spotlight. Films were solicited from around the world, and the finalists will be screened over two evenings at Center on Halsted. Join us as we watch and discuss the films, their characters, and the themes they illuminate. November 17th 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. November 18th 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. $5 suggested donation *Inability to pay should not act as a deterrent to attending THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17th: Fantastic Reality Dir. Asaf Yecheskel, From Israel The film "Fantastic Reality" portrays the process of seeking identity amongst outcast and lonely teenagers. The film focuses on Leon, a 15 year old teenager, who's a part of the "Cosplay" community where teenagers dress up, meet and play as characters from comics and Japanese Anime. As the movie progresses and Leon becomes a well-known and appreciated "Cosplayer" in his community, he begins to unfold and take off his real signi\ufb01cant costume - he is a boy trapped in the body of a girl. Skye Dir. Joao Queiroga and Shuhan Fan, from the U.S. A former police station in Chicago has been rehabilitated as Midwest's first LGBTQ friendly affordable senior housing. One of the residents, Eva Skye, is a living example of the magnitude of this historic change and now trades hugs for stares for the first-time since coming out in 2008. The documentary SKYE follows the transgender woman throughout the adventures and challenges that await as she seizes the opportunity to relive the dreams of her youth in a place that she calls home for the first time. Under The Skin Dir. Antonio Ufarte, from Spain After years away from home, Duna returns to her home village to be reunited with her ill father. Upon arrival, she will feel rejection and misunderstanding about her transsexuality. She and her pride will become stronger and she will fight for the acceptance of their identity. The main character starts a new stage in her life, returning to her origins, although her social environment is not ok about her. I Am Her Dir. Sasha Pezenik, from the U.S. Out of the limelight, under the streetlight, enter the world of NYC's transgender underclass. One church opens its doors to provide meals, clothing and, sometimes, a little drag show magic. Two transgender women struggle to beat the odds. This is a story of deep pain, and the stunning resilience needed to overcome it. These people brim with pathos, honesty, and eloquent grit. Where We Are Now Dir. Lucie Rachel, from Scotland Where We Are Now is a personal insight into the changing relationship between a daughter and her trans parent as they embark on the road to transition Perceptions Dir. Marina Nieuwerf, from the U.K. A documentary about how people perceive their own gender as well as how others perceive them. Rianna's Road Dir. Diane Nta, origin unknown A documentary about Rianna, a young transgender woman who is trying to find her own path. Flora Dir. Alexandrina Andre, from the U.S. Flora, a transgender woman, is exposed to prejudice when she uses the women's bathroom for the first time during a visit to a small cafe. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18th: In the Mirror Dir. Manuel Mercier, from France Jo\u00eblle is not your average father. When her son suddenly turns up in NY just when her life is in full reconstruction after a sex reassignment, she's not ready to play the doting father. Transgender to Camera Dir. Biju Viswanath, from India When Martin Waldman, working actor and musician, finally took the plunge and underwent gender reassignment, Martin became Danna. But now what price is the actor/musician paying for letting her inner woman blossom? Tucker Noir--Preview Dir. Heidi Moore, from the U.S. Take a brief look into the life of Northern California's drag king sweetheart, Tucker Noir. Watch as he hosts Chico California's 2016 gay pride weekend and gives us a little insight on what doing drag is all about. (Complete documentary coming in 2017) The Sound of Silence Dir. Cristiano Sousa, origin unknown he sound of silence between 3 different people with different ways... Jeanne D'Trans--Preview Dir. Niko Kostet, from Finland he candid adventures of a straight filmmaker in world of transvestites, trans-genders and other gender minorities. Documentary explores our traditional gender roles through the experiences of people who challenge them all. Interviews include various Burlesque - artists, female pastor and Europe's only transsexual pro-wrestler who body-slams traditional gender roles in a profession, where the norms of gender are narrowly defined. Will You Stand For Me Dir. Eamonn Tutty, from Ireland A passionate plea for equality from a trans woman. The Invisible T Dir. Damien Giron, origins unknown Sharom is the invisible and silent T in LGBT. She is a closet crossdresser. While she performs her transformation ritual, she tells us about her duality: the masculine side that is her public side; and her feminine side, the censored face. Both universes are indivisible parts of her being. A dialog that reflects on the limits of gender, identity and sexual orientation. Sharom is the husband that shares clothes and lingerie with her wife. She is the union of two genders, that far from being antagonistic, they merge. She is the man who has grown thanks to the woman who lives in him. AMORfo Dir. Jose Brocco, origins unknown A young transperson at the beginning of her transformation from man to woman is the victim of bullying in hier work place. She decides to take revenge in a very original way.

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