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Will Obama Administration reject 'dot-gay' web domains?

Washington, D.C. — The Obama Administration is trying to figure out how to control the creation of new web domains, as the internet moves beyond ".com" and ".org" to options like ".gay". 

CNET reports that at least 115 new suffixes are under consideration, including "car, .health, .nyc, .movie, and .web." CNET said the application process to create new domains might be finalized in San Francisco in March.

New web addresses are managed by the California-based corporation Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), under a contract paid for by the United States government.

CNET said the Obama administration wants to put together a 100-nation advisory panel that could reject web domains members found objectionable.

There are two groups currently pushing for a "dot-gay" domain: the DotGayInitiative and the .GayAlliance.

I have been researching these two companies and dotgay LLC is the only LGBT rooted company applying for the .gay TLD and they intend to give 67% back to the community. Gay Alliance is just a front for a financially healthy company that just wants to use .gay to make fast bucks. I really encourage people to read more and show their support for dotgay LLC ( or and really educate themselves on this issues. We know that .gay will happen soon and in my opinion it should be in the hands of a LGBT owned company that has a plan to empower the LGBT community. If you check out dotgay LLC you will see that they already have the support of HRC, Trevor Project, GLAAD, IGLTA and many of the major players in human rights and gay issues.
Posted by NYC10036 on Thu, 2/10/2011 9:41 AM
Brand new "GAY" Domain Names and TLDs have already been released. For the first time, Internet users can create their own set of Domains and TLDs totally free, and without any reference to ICANN.

ISPs such as offer a parallel Internet using new Dashcom (not Dotcom) Domain Names. Dashcoms are brand new web addresses in the format http://gay-com or http://radio-gay or http://human-rights (Examples Only).

With users and members in over 90 countries worldwide, resolution is via an APP (although ISP links are now available to negate that need).
Things change and grow. Not-so-long ago, people would have thought a web based magazine such as this to be a waste of time, effort and money. After all why would anyone want to fork out for hugely expensive computers, sign up for extra phone lines, buy modems and routers, buy an OS, learn how to use it all....Just so they could read a magazine?....Why?....When all they had to do was walk down to the local store.

Having just one Internet in infinite cyberspace is like saying you can go visit anywhere in America just as long as you stick to route 66. So today, just as in the USA (and everywhere else in the world) the Internet has more than one road to travel.
Posted by Dashworlds on Sun, 2/13/2011 5:40 PM
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