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13-Year-Old Houston student Asher Brown bullied to death for being gay

Houston — An eighth grader in the Houston area has committed suicide after being relentlessly bullied at school for being gay.

13-year-old Asher Brown
13-year-old Asher Brown
The parents of 13-year-old Asher Brown said they had complained to the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District for more than a year and a half, but nothing was done.

"Our son is just the extreme case of what happens when (someone is) just relentless," Asher's mother, Amy Truong told the Houston Chronicle. Addressing the bullies, she added: "I hope you're happy with what you've done. I hope you got what you wanted and you're just real satisfied with yourself."

The District contends that they were never contacted by Brown's parents, something his parents vehemently deny. 

Other parents and students, commenting on the website for the FOX station in Houston,supported Brown's parents in their contention that the district ignores complaints about bullying.

Brown's mom and stepfather told the Chronicle that he was bullied for being gay, bullied because he was small, and because he didn't wear designer shoes and clothes.

Last Thursday, he came out to his stepfather, who told the newspaper he was fine with his stepson's sexuality. "We didn't condemn," he said.

However, the bullying at school had finally pushed Asher Brown over the edge. Later that same day, his stepfather found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 
Hey Americans in your""great" democratic society, you should be ashamed to your bones, that this could happen. From Europe my sincere sympathy for this boy, his family and possible other victims.
Posted by Harry on Wed, 9/29/2010 5:49 AM
Being gay or being bullied is not the underlying problem. Focusing on that will doesn't bring a solution but only highlights a problem. I am not a parent but I have 10 nieces and nephews. I do my best to ensure they are confident in there character and personality and always striving to improve in life. I can't be every where all the time nor am I the dominant voice in there life. With the limited inlfuence and contact I have with them my voice is not great enough to assist with their mindset and self imago. I've had two of them come back stating how they have gotten picked on at school and how people talk about them. With the advent of the social media and realtiy shows how about using them to help promote kids and not make them try to find a click or pack to fit into. They use T.V. shows, music, and other media to find a place to fit in rather than allowing their beliefs and integrity create an atmosphere of acceptance just by living a life full of desire and happiness. I believe instead of constantly creating reality shows that glorifies self or send their audience to Australia netowrks and entertainers should create a reality T.V. show that accepts letters from children around the nation that has problems at shool with other people picking on them because they don't belong to a certain group. After reading the letters try to get an actor, athlete, or some sort of public figure to visit their school and hold some sort of rally that promotes all the differences that people has and blast any critiscism or judgement that comes against being different or a n individual.
How dare people use this childs tragedy to confirm their identity and place in society? What kind of sick twisted thoughts you have to think this beautiful child even knew or could conceive what a "sexual preference is?" He was a straight A student meaning his focus was on acheiving in life. The only reason he thought he was gay I believe was because of the bullying. It's shameful that people try to validate their confusion with what this child went through. This goes to show that there are events and circumstances in a persons life that makes them question who they are. Even being straight or gay. This event and problems that this child faced was right before every one's eyes but they neglected to tend to his needs. They've used this story to talk about so many issues with politics the pulpits. They still never waddressed the real issue. We've gotten so far off the target it has become socially acceptable to so be so called "who you are." How can someone be themselves when society pushes popular belief on people rather than encouraging them to find out truth and pursue desire rather than the next thing that will just make them happy. Happiness comes with achievement not a night on the town every weekend. Instead of American Idol, or Survivor, or taking all of her audience to Australia, how about one of them really start reaching out to children and the heart of America. There are no individuals anymore but a group of individuals who are alike. Try not being gay and be different rather than saying your different because your gay. What a cop out.
Posted by Fredrick Jones on Wed, 9/29/2010 8:25 AM
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