'Duck Dynasty' creator played gay porn star in popular indie film 'The Fluffer'

Sun. December 22, 2013 6:08 PM by Wisconsin Gazette

The creator and producer of A&E's Duck Dynasty played a gay porn star in The Fluffer, a popular independent gay movie that played at the 2001 Toronto International Film Festival.

Scott Gurney starred in the erotic film as a gay-for-pay porn star who's addicted to crystal meth. Gurney's character forms an unlikely friendship with his smitten fluffer — the on-set person who fellates porn actors to arouse them for sex scenes. Gurney's credit in the film is listed on his IMDb page.

Buzzfeed, which is among the websites that have reported the connection, wrote that its calls to both Gurney Productions and A&E, have gone unanswered.

Gurney's appearance in the film has become a matter of interest amid the ongoing debate surrounding the redneck reality TV show Duck Dynasty. Series star Phil Robertson was suspended from the show after making condemnatory — andanatomically graphic remarks about gays to GQ magazine. Some gay pundits have joined with right-wing ideologues in defending Robertson's rights to speak his mind off-camera without facing employment consequences.

In fact, far-right conservatives are hailing Robertson as this generation's Rosa Parks for expressing his religious convictions about anal intercourse without fear of what they call the "thought police."

If A&E decides to drop Duck Dynasty over the controversy, at least two other networks are eager to pick it up, according to TMZ. Both the Christian-affiliated Hunt Channel and the Pursuit Channel "are salivating at the chance to air Phil and his duck posse," TMZ reported.

But contractual obligations could prevent the Robertson family from moving to another network.

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