Christine Quinn launches New York City mayoral campaign

Sun. March 10, 2013 2:24 PM by Carlos Santoscoy

christine quinn (d-ny)

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New York, NY - New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a Democrat, on Sunday launched her bid to run the city.

Quinn's announcement came in the form of a biographical video. Instead of a speech, Quinn held an intimate walking tour of the city.

"I'm about keeping New York City a place for the middle class to live and grow and a place that's going to help all of those hard-working people get into the middle class," Quinn said in the 5-minute video. "I'm not about talking and finger pointing and complaining. I'm about getting things done."

"I'm running for mayor because I love this city. It is the greatest place in the world. It's the place where my grandparents came from Ireland. They came here because they heard magical things could happen here. That their family could make their way out of poverty and be in the middle class. It's the city that gave my family that opportunity."

While the video includes a brief reference to Quinn's work in support of gay rights, it includes no mention of her own sexual orientation.

Last year, Quinn married her longtime partner, lawyer Kim Catullo. And Quinn's mayoral campaign has the support of Empire State Pride Agenda, New York's leading gay rights advocate, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

If elected in November, Quinn would become the city's first openly gay mayor. And the first legally married, openly gay politician to lead a major U.S. city.

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