About me, well..I am an extremely sensative guy, Pisces of course... I am very laid back but always in for a little excitment..every now and then.. I am not your typical skinny buffed homosexual guy..I am who I am simple as that. However it doesn't mean that I don't care about myself..I do work out 4-6 days a week and well on my way to living a healthier lifestyle..Sometimes like quiet times also...Well, there is more to tell but I will save that until we meet..

Likes: I like man that are masculine...humorous, sincere, honest, kind. Someone that has their life together...Someone who likes to travel, someone that is somewhat cultured...Not that I am, well, yeah I am kind of.. lol...

Turn-offs: I don't like self-centered man...Its one thing to be confident and another to be overly confident..catch my dreft? I am sorry but I do not like feminine man..Nothing against you gurls..but just not my thing...



What I am seeking in a relationship is a no brainer to
everyone: Honesty, kindness, sincerity, good hearted, and
humorous man. I hope that the person I meet has good morals
and good family values. I expect them to be a non
pretentious human being who is not overly confident about
who they are and what god has blessed them with. Just be
yourself. Also, I am looking for a man that is not
feminine. I would like him to be masculine more of take
charge kind of guy...

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