Sippin Chi in Chicago

Mon. February 12, 2024 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

What's the tea on Chi? Chi/Qi is a Chinese philosophy surrounding the flow of vital energy inherent in all things. Traditional Chinese medicine works to balance both the positive and the negative forms of this energy inside the body with a holistic approach.

Re: Chi hopes to jumpstart these healing powers and keep the energy circulating by offering several distinct products. This company was founded by Skye Chao and Annabel Florescu in hopes of connecting Eastern and Western cultures together. The dynamic duo were onto something immediately and Re: Chi was born.

There are a variety of products at to be delivered right to the front door and free shipping is offered for orders over $75. There are 10 bags to steep that are hand-packed with traditional Chinese organic herds containing no caffeine. The tea bags are made from decomposable corn fiber and should be stored away from sunlight and humidity.

Chinese medicine encourages eating breakfast every day so adding tea to this morning ritual makes complete sense. Wake up with Re: Energize Tea thanks to powerful ingredients like the antioxidant herb ginseng, the sweet fruit of goji berries, mint and a Chinese plant that lowers inflammation by the name of Schisandra.

Maintaining the right amount of rest is another part of this philosophy and Re: Chi has a special tea to combat insomnia with Re: Lax Tea. The Jujube seed comes from Northern China and helps with this restless sleep condition. Relax, RuPaul Drag Race queen Jujubee was not harmed in the process of making this plant-based beverage!

For an easy digestion solution try Re: Fresh Tea before meals. One of the ingredients is a fingered citron fruit called Fo Shou that gives it a peculiar taste and will have your blood circulating in no time.

Fight off outside forces with Re: Store Tea which boosts immunity with a blend of herbs including the reishi mushroom and dried ginger. Don't worry, the Chinese licorice component doesn't overpower the tea bag's overall taste.

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon in 2024 by adding tea to your routine and reap the benefits. A healthy journey awaits at with relaxation candles and fresh tea supplies.