Rate and review HB: Home Bistro

HB: Home Bistro

I can't stress enough how charming Home Bistro is! EVERY time I go there I vow to return.

The food, atmosphere, and service is perfect!

~Bill Pritchard - CPBill

This is my new favorite place to dine in Boystown!

I can’t think of a better place to take a date and impress his pants off! Hee Hee.

It’s BYOB too!

Their sign caught my eye as my boyfriend and I were walking down Halsted. We tried them and found much to our delight, their food was great! - ToBeOrNotToBe

I thought this was the Hearty Boys place, but I guess they sold it. Not to worry, the food of Home Bistro was superb! - OldIsOkay

As if BYOB weren't enough, HB really packs a punch with great food and charming atmosphere! - Stripes

This place is GREAT on the week day, but the weekend forget about it, all the hetros pile in, with their KIDS, why do they invade our gay restaurants? - ecko69

Love the cafe food! Lunch and brunch is out of this world. The BEST thin crust pizzas too. - JeffSmith

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