Mity Nice Grill

Mity Nice Grill

835 N Michigan Ave , Water Tower Place, Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 902-1500

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A comfortable, 1940's style bar and grill featuring an extensive menu including grilled steaks and fish, fresh pastas, flatbreads, salads, roasted Amish chicken and a wide selection of Chicago's best burgers. Mity Nice also offers homemade desserts and signature martinis with hand stuffed olives.

Editor's Review   Walking through the sea of people in Foodlife, Watertower's answer to a food court, you may find yourself standing at the entrance to a hidden gem of a restaurant. Mity Nice on, at that. Mity Nice is set up to... Read the full review and individual reviews

Hours   11am-10pm monday - saturday; 11am-9pm sunday

American Cuisine

Feature Lists   Thanksgiving Dining 2009 (Nov 2009), Thanksgiving 2005 (Nov 2005), Thanksgiving Dinner (Nov 2003)

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