Gay Happening Presents Greatest Ballads Remixed,

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Audio CD
Publisher: Dance Street
Format: Import

Gay Happening - one of the most popular gay dance compilation series ever - proudly presents Greatest Ballads Remixed - featuring 36 classic pop, movie and musical ballad hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today remixed for today's dance floors. This hit-packed collection features original artists Shirley Bassey, Limahl, Harajuku, David Hodo (Village People) and more, as well as dance remixes of the most massive ballad hits, including ''How Do I Live,'' ''Greatest Love Of All,'' ''The Way We Were,'' ''Memory,'' ''You're Beautiful,'' ''I Will Always Love You,'' ''My Heart Will Go On,'' ''Because You Loved Me,'' ''Bleeding Love'' and many more. Plus, the eye-catching cover design features an attractive male model in a revealing pose. Imported from Dance Street Germany by Megahit Records, Gay Happening Presents Greatest Ballads Remixed provides the perfect soundtrack for any party!

Tracks: (2 CD)         

  • Because Of You - Nicolette Street
  • One Moment In Time - Natalie Grant
  • You're Beautiful - Jason Prince
  • Apologize - Jill Razer
  • Think Twice - Dionne Faux
  • To Love You More - Stephanie O'Hara
  • The Power Of Love - El-Tone feat. Pam
  • Right Here Waiting - AMB Project
  • Bleeding Love - Fringe
  • Greatest Love Of All - Natalie Grant
  • That's What Friends Are For - Shirley Bassey
  • From A Distance - Harajuku
  • I Will Always Love You - Natalie Grant
  • Immortality - Dionne Faux
  • Lady In Red - Full Gainer
  • My Sweet Lord - David Hodo (of Village People)
  • Moments In Love - Magna Canta
  • Un Bel Di Vedremo (from Madame Butterfly) - Trance Opera

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